Many producers are up close and personal with high employee turnover rates. What many employers don’t realize is how common it is for employees to leave if they don’t receive the necessary training to do well in their positions. Research shows that a full 40% of employees who don’t receive the necessary job training to will leave their positions within the first year. This presents something of a dilemma for both HR and leadership because it has often been high-turnover rates that were cited as a reason for not providing ongoing employee training in the first place. Comprehensive training programs have proven time and again to help lower staff turnover.


At Swine Safety Designs we understand that producers have a huge responsibility to keep their herd and employees safe.  We also know that it’s a tedious, time-consuming project to continually update a producer’s current policies.  This can tie you to a desk for days by the time you research all the applicable regulations…it’s a project that gets put on the back burner because the everyday pig care is hands down the most important aspect of meeting production goals.  That is why here at Swine Safety Designs we aim to make our clients’ dreaded desk duty our top priority.  We offer a variety of swine production industry-specific courses to our clients that create effective training techniques for both new and veteran swine production employees. 


Create educational tools that inspire swine producers to provide humane, accurate, and compassionate care towards their hogs.


General Swine SOP Training

  • Medication Administration

  • Climate Management

  • Feed/ADG Management

  • Water Management

  • Disease Prevention, Recognition, and Treatment

Safety Training

  • Individualized Safety Courses

  • Employee Training Presentations

  • Create “Train the Trainers” Curriculum

  • Perform Safety Audits

  • Design Safety Cultures

  • Evaluate/Update Existing Safety Protocols

  • Assist in Cultivating Positive Attitudes Towards Safety Training

Biosecurity Training

  • Individualized Biosecurity Courses

  • Cleaning and Disinfecting protocols

  • Current SOP Evaluation

  • Design/Modify SOP

Swine Safety Designs, LLC

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